Elona's poems

There once was a leaf on a tree,

that got visited by a bee,

one windy fall morning,

that was winding and blinding,

and the leaf clung on to the tree.

On a dark night named Halloween,

there was a boy that was not so keen,

to go knocking on doors,

he lived on three floors,

and was green-eyed, blond and lean.

There once was a boy named Ben,

he lived in a very small den,

he lived with bears,

his friends were deers,

and he didn't know how to use a pen.

There once was a girl named Jenny,

all she had was a penny,

she did not eat hairs,

she attracted few stares,

and her boyfriends name was Benny.


gives green leaves

to bare trees

on beautiful, perfect days

Green is spring,

Brown is old leaves,

Yellow is sunshine,

Blue is the sky,

White is the clouds,

this is a spring day.